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Baron Storm
Take It Easy
A delightful collection of catchy tunes.
"The number one love song cd." - Music Star Magazine

1 Love Is A Mystery
2 Feel My Love
3 The Angels Came
(Judy's Song)
4 Girl You're In My Heart
5 Lovers Lips & Pony Tails
6 Devil In Her Eyes
7 Dancing & Romancing

8 Lose A Lover,
Lose A Friend
9 St. Tropez
10 Take It Easy
(Becky's Song)
11 Brokeback Margarita
12 Loving You Is Easy
13 Country Blues
14 Country Blues (radio)

Our Price: $16.99

Baron Storm & Robbie Williams
Wild Child
One of the best smooth jazz albums of 2006.
"His best yet." - Antigua Jazz Times

1 Wild Child
2 Everybody Knows
3 Catch Me
4 Lady Charlotte
5 The Baron Storm Boogie
6 Remember Me
7 Latin Nights

8 Echoes
9 Santanna's Waves
10 Forest Glade
11 Trouble in Paradise
12 Shoot My Guitar
13 Dreamers
14 The Pixie Theme

Our Price: $16.99

Baron Storm
Christmas is for Lovers
"Skyrocketing to become the biggest Christmas album ever, this heartwarming CD has become my fave!"
"Gorgeous sound" - Soundtech Continental

1 Song About Santa
2 Santa Loves You
3 Dad's Christmas
4 Santa's Gonna Come
5 It's Christmas Eve Tonight
6 Santa Please Help Me

7 What is Christmas?
8 Carribean Christmastime
9 Christmas is for Lovers
10 I'm Just a Snowflake
11 Every Day will be Christmas
12 Manic Christmas

Our Price: $16.99

Baron Storm & Robbie Williams
Sex Sex & More Sex
Baron Storm's smooth music and Robbie William's tasty guitar...makes for a pleasing and sensual listen indeed.
"Five Stars" - Music Star Magazine

1 Spanish Proposal
2 Old Pictures of You
3 Window Shopping
4 Desert Love
5 Safari Romance
6 Tumbling Love
7 Midnight Affair
8 Classical Love
9 Shanghai Affair
10 Silent Kiss
11 Lovesick Blues
12 Lost in You Forever
13 Lost Letters
14 Silver Anniversary

Our Price: $16.99

Baron Storm
Friends & Lovers
A stunning release from the romantic Storm.
"Essential" - Classitunes

1 Letter on my Door
2 Kissing You
3 Spend the Night With Me
4 Gotta Get a Job
5 Hugging Time
6 Big Boys Shouldn't Cry
7 Mexico
8 Come Little Girl
9 Things Will Change
10 Mikayla's Lullaby
11 No One Knows Her Name
12 Snoopy
13 You Play it Cool

Our Price: $16.99

Baron Storm & Robbie Williams
Slippery When Wet
They're at it again! Baron and Robbie create an album of sunny instrumental pleasers. Astounding guitar.
"Five Stars" - Music Star Magazine

1 Crying Guitar
2 Night Time
3 Border Lady
4 Burrito Fumes
5 Slow Lover
6 Slippery When Wet
7 Deadly Love
8 Sad Steel Blues
9 Eh Canada
10 Crying for You
11 Breaking Heart
12 Triple "O" Seven Theme

Our Price: $16.99

Baron Storm & Randy Rink
Known for his electrifying live performances, Randy Rink joins forces with Baron and the results are sweet.
"Perfect for a romantic evening" - Musiczine

1 Vanessa Blues
2 Smooth Fingers
3 Falling Tears
4 Slow Kiss
5 Classical Carribean
6 Sally Rides Again
7 Latin Lover
8 Up and Down, In and Out
9 Pounding Heart
10 Just Loving You
11 New Orleans Affair
12 Climax #4

Our Price: $16.99

Baron Storm & Robbie Williams
Lick My Love Pump
Robbie Williams conjures up magic with Baron to create a cd of instrumentals from tropical to jazz.
"Five Stars" - Showcase

1 Catch Me Woman
2 Goodbye Lover
3 Harder, Deeper
4 Walk in the Sand
5 Echo of You
6 Memories of a Lost Love
7 Let Me Love You
8 Lick My Love Pump
9 Hold Me Closer Now
10 Senorita Heart Break
11 Late Night Cuddle
12 Pull My...?

Our Price: $16.99


Master Collector's Double CD Paks

Advance orders are being taken for all unreleased Baron Storm albums. These advance orders are specially packaged as ‘Master Collectors Editions’. Each advance order consists of two discs. One for playing and the other to collect as an unopened Collectors item.

Our Price: $39.99


Master Collector's CD Box Set
Twenty Baron Storm albums (10 should remain closed with the duplicates for playing) are available. They come in a special wooden presentation box with a red velvet inlay. These Collector sets have a personalized and very personal original letter addressed to the purchaser. The letter is signed by Baron Storm and is also a collectors piece. The set also comes with a special set of personal photographs of Baron Storm. These highly prized and sought after ‘Collectors Editions’ are also numbered sequentially and are expected to appreciate in value as a unique ‘Collectors’ set.

Our Price: $299.99



Baron Tshirt
One size fits all! Show your commitment to the cause and wear the coolest tee in town!

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Baron Mug
Baron Storm mug - makes your coffee taste better! A great gift idea.

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Leather Jacket
Baron Storm original supple leather jacket.

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Key Chain
Baron Storm original key chain. Sure to impress your friends and make your enemies jealous!

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Cowboy Hat
Baron Storm original white cowboy hats are available for men and women as a collectors item and something that can be worn. These white cowboy hats are especially made for Baron Storm and are highly sought after.

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Enter to Win
Win a Trip with Baron!
• Each year Baron Storm will take one fan on an all expenses paid ‘date’ to an exotic location to be part of a Baron Storm music video. If anyone would like to have this opportunity please drop Baron Storm a line by email or by mail and you will be entered into the draw. No purchase is necessary to participate.

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