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From then to now:
A Baron Storm Photo Retrospective

A very rare picture of Baron Storm at the age of four with his mother and his brother Lightning. Baron Storm’s mother was an MI5 British Intelligence officer who penetrated deep into the KGB.

Baron Storm at his first sold out concert at age nine. His stage manager assists him in a costume change after being mobbed by thousands of fans.

Baron Storm playing for Princess Anne and Prince Charles at a secret flat in London England where they used to meet. It was not unusual for several meetings a week. Sometimes the Queen, a huge fa,n would also attend.

At the age of sixteen Baron Storm was the first person to circumnavigate the world in a Kayak. To make it even more difficult he did it paddling backwards. This is when he wrote the huge #1 hit “I Can’t See Where I’m Going, Only Where I’ve Been.”

Baron Storm on his 20,000 acre English Estate with Count Moreorless Threeorfour IV from Russia who became a very close friend of Baron Storm and still books the sold out tours in Russia for Baron Storm.

Baron Storm on his first sold out tour of Sweden with original band members David Blackman (Guitar) and Jim Palmer (Bass.) If you look closely to the right of Baron Storm you can see a young Mick Jagger who was coached by Baron Storm to begin a successful career with the Rolling Stones.

Baron Storm on the ferry in the Adriatic Sea getting a break from the fans of his sold out tour of Italy. At the age of sixteen he had already sold a staggering 80 million records in Europe.

Baron Storm on the famous ‘Gold Moped’ used in the hit British Music Video 98cc. The Moped is now in the British Museum as every part of it was made from gold. It was during this time that Baron Storm was recruited by British Intelligence and became an MI5 operative like his mother.

Baron Storm in Savannah, Georgia on his first U.S. Tour. Over 700 police officers were assigned to protect him from fans that came from every U.S. State to catch a glimpse of him.

Baron Storm on his 70,000 acre ranch in California. Presidents, celebrities and dignitaries from around the world visit regularly. Here he shows his skeet shooting skills that led to him winning several gold medals at various Olympic games.

Baron Storm fields questions from hundreds of reporters after advising the U.N. how to structure policy. It was revealed for the first time that he was an operative for MI5 and his adventures as a spy became the model for Ian Fleming to base his character James Bond on.

Baron Storm in one of the tunnels of his gold mine in Peru. He won the mine in a high stakes poker game. The mine eventually produced 164 million ounces of gold which is kept in Ft Knox in the United States.

Baron Storm flies his own helicopter. The supplies being unloaded were for an extensive trip to the Galapagos Islands where he is credited with saving several endangered species. It is where he wrote the hit song ‘I Slept With A Lizard and Lived to Tell the Tail.’

Baron Storm wows two million fans in Mexico. The song ‘Gotta Get A Job’ from the ‘Friends & Lovers’ album remained at the top of the Mexican charts for two years and the song ‘Mexico’ from the same album is being pushed to become the new Mexican national anthem.

Because Baron Storm gets mobbed every where he goes, he often has to assume various disguises to go out in public. Here he was photographed while surfing in Hawaii and ended up as the centerfold in Swimwear Illustrated.

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