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From then to now:
A Baron Storm Photo Retrospective

Baron Storm on his private island near Tahiti with a fan that won the lottery that he holds each year where fans can spend two weeks with him alone on an all expenses paid trip. These trips are very romantic and highly recommended so get your entry in now!

Baron Storm loses his cool with the paparazzi who invaded his house in Switzerland. The patented, Baron Storm ‘Ice’ look, has been used by Sean Penn, Elvis Presley, Russell Crowe and Dolly Parton to intimidate the press.

This is the view from Baron Storm’s bedroom at his mansion in the Caribbean. The Island was bought by Baron Storm as a place he could bring special fans to and as a place to relax and create more hit songs for the world. Voted one of the nicest places in the world by Conde Nast people have offered Baron Storm millions of dollars to spend a weekend with him on the Island.

A rare photograph of Baron Storm at a nudist camp in the Caribbean. The full ‘Monty’ picture proved the rumors about Baron Storms unique attributes to be true. The full poster is available for $49.00 U.S and is in limited supply.

Baron Storm directs comedy legend Phyllis Diller in the award winning movie “Take Off”. Not many people know that Phyllis is an accomplished classical music pianist and has raised millions for charity around the world.

Baron Storm relaxes on the hood of his vintage Jaguar car. He owns one of the largest collections of rare and exotic cars in the world. The collection consists of over 20,000 vehicles.

Baron Storm with his proud parents on his private Island near Vancouver British Columbia. His father is famous for writing the castanet concerto in Emin.

Baron Storm riding his favorite horse ‘Windy’. The horse got the name from the musical toots it used to make after Baron Storm fed him the wrong oats.

Baron Storm about to attend the Emmys in Los Angeles. His personal line of Tuxedos have Teflon coated pants that do away with the need for underwear.

Baron Storm on his 200’ sailboat in which he set a new global circumnavigation record of 23 days, 8 hrs and 4 mins. The record still stands to this day. Pictured with him is a fan from Poland who was his first ‘mate’ on the trip.

Baron Storm was officially installed as the new honorary King of Switzerland. Princess Marina of Luxemberg bore him 27 children in three years.

Baron Storm grabs a trolley bus in San Francisco to escape fans after being awarded the keys to the city for donating $400 million dollars for earthquake relief.

Baron Storm entertains in the dining room of his private castle in Switzerland. Shania Twain is his next door neighbor.

Baron Storm poses for photographers in Cannes where he was mobbed by a crowd of 15,000 fans. He was flown to safety in a police helicopter.

Baron Storm relaxes after his fifth non-stop world tour. Here he is on his private Island in Tahiti. The island is named Onatwoathreea. In English it means ‘Island of Orgasms.’

Baron Storm at the helm of his 200’ sail boat with his son Baron Jnr. The picture was taken in Alaska where they spent the summer fishing for the rare ten legged octopus.