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From then to now:
A Baron Storm Photo Retrospective

Baron Storm in his Manhattan New York Penthouse with an indoor pool. With him is Chinese record mogul Kim Sue Lie who paid Baron Storm $200 million for the rights to distribute his records in that country. Almost one billion Baron storm records have been sold in China.

Baron Storm with his life long friend Kim who convinced him to open a peacock and duck farm in Washington State in a known flood plain. The farm is now the largest of its kind in the world.

Baron Storm married his long time albino girlfriend. The marriage lasted only one night after they honeymooned in Africa. His bride got so sunburned they could not consummate the marriage and it was annulled.

One of Baron Storm’s favorite spots is the duck farm he created in the U.S. Here special ducks are trained as security ducks. They are trained to respond to a special attack command. ‘There’s no quackery about this revolutionary approach," says Baron Storm. "Besides being a faithful companion for life they taste really good with orange sauce."

A very rare picture of Baron Storm after he rejected the romantic advances of Princess Caroline of Monaco. She became so livid that she threw a cream pie in his face.

Baron Storm performs at the Sydney Opera house. The sold out ten day appearance had tickets selling for $1,000 - $15,000 each. This remains a box office record in Australia. He is pictured here with two fans.

Baron Storm with Russian ballet dancers who sought his advice. Many people do not know that Baron Storm was the lead male dancer with the Moscow National Ballet when he was undercover with MI5.

Baron Storm with Queen Alexia the last remaining royal family member of Russia. She appealed to Baron Storm to help her raise money for a project called Tempura House. The project assisted lightly battered women.

A fan comes backstage to visit baron Storm after he performed at the Vatican. She has led a campaign to have the Pope declare Baron Storm a saint. The Pope is receptive to the idea.

Baron Storm comforts a fan experiencing multiple orgasms after listening to him sing in Paris. Typically the state of sexual arousal lasts for 18 hours after a concert. Scientists have dubbed the experience MOP or Multi Orgasm Phenomena and have launched a study to find out what causes it.

Baron Storm entertains various celebrities in the living room of his private jumbo jet as they fly to his 70,000 acre California ranch.

Baron Storm with Carol Murgertroid, president of the Baron Storm fan club which now boasts 1.3 billion members from 167 countries. Become a fan of Baron Storm now and receive regular updates every ten years. Only $49.00!

Baron Storm provides a sumptuous meal in the dining room of his private jumbo jet to his business manager Carly. Carly has been with baron Storm ever since his first sold out concert in the U.K. at the age of ten.

Relaxing in the den of his private jumbo jet baron Storm goes over the detail of his next world tour with his booking manager Jessica Tally. Over 700 appearances are scheduled for 2005/6.

Baron Storm models his unique line of male lingerie. “Its good to make your partner laugh during sex,” says baron Storm. “This lingerie actually makes them hysterical and they run from the bedroom thus thwarting another unwanted pregnancy.” He added.