corporate information

Merchant’s Legal Name

Customer Service Contact Information
Business address: PO Box 4021, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6E 4S8
Tel: 780-443-2301
Fax: 780-484-3562

Jurisdiction In Which Merchant Is Officially Registered And Located

Details of Any Applicable Warranties or Guarantees
Manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees apply on any product sold by

Terms, Conditions and Method of Payment
Method of payment is by credit card, cash or check

Date When the Merchandise Are To Be Delivered or the Services Are To Be Commenced
Product is shipped within 72 hours of ordering and or when payment is received in full

Delivery Policy Including Method of Delivery
Product is shipped by priority mail

Return, Exchange and Refund Policies
The purchaser may return any factory faulty item for a product of equal value plus shipping and handling charges

Complaint Handling Procedures
Complaints are to be made in writing with full details of the complaint. They should be by email or by letter and will be acknowledged upon receipt. All complaints will be dealt with as expeditiously as possible

Country and Transaction Currency
The single currency for the web site is U.S. dollars