BARON STORM is regarded as the next world wide vocal phenomenon. Specializing in love songs of the heart, his very personal lyrics and soaring voice bring out emotions and reactions in audiences that are startling to watch.

Recently in Japan, at one of the largest outdoor concerts ever held in that country, men and women laughed one moment and cried the next. Women swooned and over two hundred ambulances were called to the stadium.

In Germany, a similar concert event happened with women swooning. Not since Elvis Presley and the young Frank Sinatra has such a phenomena occurred.

“Baron Storm is one of those rare individuals that possesses the raw talent to make a connection to millions of people through his music,” says Manuel Derf, noted music critic for Latin America. “I have never seen or heard anything like his performances in my life.” He adds.

BARON STORM’s bio reads like an adventure book. He was born in Arizona. His mother was a notorious madam and his father was a Captain of a nuclear submarine. Through a twist of fate, he was recruited by British Intelligence at Oxford University. After spending five years as an operative for MI5, he was recruited by the CIA as a teacher of advanced global planning. He is largely credited with the strategic advanced planning that led to the break up of the Soviet Union. A fact recently acknowledged by the current Russian leader.

After retiring from the world of James Bond spies, he then went on to developing computer systems known as SC’s (Sophisticated Cookies) that are incorporated into every computer ever sold. With the billions earned in royalties he turned to film, television and music. Now, every one loves his music. More information and contact numbers for Baron Storm is available on his albums.

He is currently single and always looking for a date and encourages all women between the ages of 18 to 80 to send him an email. He lives on his 70,000 acre ranch in California and also spends time in his underwater recording studio in the Caribbean.

Contact Baron Storm directly:
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