Year Title Label Awards
1983 Tell Me It Ain't So n/a Gold
1984 I Spy CBS Gold
1986 Lady With The Flower TIN Gold
1988 Sucker LOSER Platinum
1990 Why n/a Platinum
1993 Hello Poopie SVE Platinum
1994 Derf MOJO Platinum
1996 Classic Crass Platinum
1998 Road Kill n/a Platinum
1999 Juicy Tulips n/a Platinum
2000 The End Millen Platinum
2002 Who Me SVE Uranium
2004 The Child n/a Uranium
2004 Friends & Lovers SVE Uranium
2004 Lick My Love Pump SVE Uranium
2004 Slippery When Wet SVE Uranium
2005 Erotica SVE Uranium
2005 Deja Vu SVE To Be Released
2005 World's Greatest Lover n/a To Be Released
  (Movie Soundtrack)    
2005 Christmas Is For Lovers SVE Uranium
2006 Wild Child n/a Uranium
2007 Baron Storm & Friends n/a To Be Released
2007 Jukebox Baby n/a To Be Released
2007 Baron Storm LIVE!   To Be Released